App changelog for 24th May 2024

App changelog for 24th May 2024

We've been deep in planning mode for the last two weeks so not much to report on actual changes, but we're getting started on some new features were excited to show you soon!

IFTTT Webhooks

This is a niche feature I built for myself mainly. After every Spin it can automatically move the amount to a designated pot in Monzo. I wrote a blog post explaining how to set it up.

Backend updates

I've updated our backend framework of choice, Laravel, up to the latest v11 release, and swapped out our WebSocket implementation for Reverb.

This presented an opportunity to set up some monitoring tools and a more robust queue worker configuration to handle long running background jobs like importing new transactions.

I also did a small server upgrade to solve a swap memory issue we were experiencing intermittently.

Planning new features

Now that you can use the app to swipe your transactions and start getting insights into your spending behaviours, we want to tackle an important question: How do you change these behaviours?

We have some strong opinions on how this should work, and it involves thinking about the unique problems people with ADHD face. We have some exciting ideas, and we'll share more (probably) next week.

Secret project

Last of all, we've commissioned an artist to work on something new... 🤫