10 funny money memes to support the cost of living

Funny money memes to soften the blow of the cost of living crisis

This is fine dog meme

The cost of living is hurting most people, and having enough money to get through the month is a real problem. There is a famous saying "if I didn't laugh, I would cry". Sometimes the best medicine for a shared problem is to laugh about it and try and see the funny side. In the spirit of having a laugh, here are 10 fun money memes to remind you that you are not alone!

1.Who needs a budget when you have great timing

2. When the numbers just don't add up

3. The middle of the month dread is real

4. When that takeaway addiction goes too far

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5. Reminder that boomers were better off

6. For those that avoid budgeting

7. Going from prince to pauper in a heartbeat

8. Why is electricity so expensive?

9. Wishing for a get rich quick scheme, only to have your bubble burst.

10. Let's keep a positive mental attitude to being skint