Introducing Rule. The Money App for ADHD Brains.

Rule exists to give ADHD brains the tools to help manage impulse spending, and to conquer your money goals.

Introducing Rule. The Money App for ADHD Brains.
Join our community of ADHD'ers discussing all things money. Funny memes and spending roasts encouraged.

Budgeting hurts ADHD brains

Depriving yourself feels crap. It's like going on a crash no-sugar diet, only to realise 2 weeks in you really miss eating cake. That sweet sweet dopamine is too tempting.

When our brains become overwhelmed we struggle to cope and lean towards the classic burying the head in the sand move.

You know what’s overwhelming? Loads of numbers, whether that be in a spreadsheet, online banking or a budgeting app, is difficult to use as a tool for long lasting behaviour change.

Our magpie brain wins the war

Marketing is great at hitting our impulse spending button and leads us to ignore any vague budgeting decisions we made on our spreadsheets.

To get a little technical, we value feeling great today over the impact that decision may have on our future self.

This is called the Opportunity Cost, and we humans are terrible at thinking this way when it comes to spending i.e. When I buy a coffee I generally don't consider whether or not this impacts my ability to afford a future holiday.

This is 10x worse for those with ADHD.

The ADHD money app

Rule is a money app that will focus on your spending habits. The majority of your savings can be found in the 1-5 bad spending habits that you mindlessly repeat daily or weekly.

We will present your worst spending habits, and the cost over the course of a year. You can then set simple rules to reduce the frequency, visualising the impact of the rules towards your goals. Don’t worry, we do all the tracking and reminding. Think of Rule V1 as a method of visualising the Opportunity Cost of your spending behaviour.

Our vision is to create an ethical money app with the wants and needs of neurodiverse people being our priority. We will use behavioural science black magic for good, rather than encouraging your worst impulses.

With ❤️ Alexis, Jude Michalis & Dan

If this sounds like something you want to help us build - join the Rule community and get involved in the conversation!