Impulse Buying Stories from People With ADHD

Impulse Buying Stories from People With ADHD

We all know how impulsive people with ADHD can be, and when it comes to buying things it can be dynamite. In our ADHD & Money community we asked members about their most recent impulse purchases.

Sharing these stories can make us realise we're not alone, and sometimes it's good to take a moment to have a chuckle at how silly our behaviour can be.

When you decide now is the time to become a jeweller
"A kiln costing over £500, as well as all the accessories to make fused glass and metal clay jewellery because despite having no experience whatsoever I am going to open an Etsy shop and be a millionaire by next week! Just like I thought when I bought my embroidery machines, knitting machines, chocolate making equipment, jam and preserves stuff, and so the list goes on and on!"

When cake is life
"I bought cakes from a cake shop as someone said that it was a good and independent business. I ended up buying one for everyone as they looked sooo good!"

When FOMO takes over
"Pair of shorts off ASOS that I didn't even want that badly but they went out of stock then I caught them on a back in stock notification so I absolutely HAD to purchase"

When YOLO takes over
"4 night holiday in Fuengirola"

When rock and roll is the smart choice
"Always wanted a drum set, so when a work colleague said they were selling some I immediately said I'll have them. I can't play them and have no room for them."

When you impulse hate your boss
"A £300 course to help me set up a business (when I was sat on my lunch break at work and annoyed)"

When you want a family of skaters
"Skateboards for me, my boyfriend and my son, they were a bargain to be fair!"

When you want to be Alan Titchmarsh
Plants. Went into the garden centre to find something for my mum’s birthday and ended up spending over £50 on pretty things for us

When Vinted rules
"Vinted is not my friend. Another pair of shoes, more clothes for my daughter who's drawers are already fit to burst, a funko pop (??) and heaven knows what else. Guess I'll find out when it arrives!"

When you can't stop buying bits and bobs
"This subject is so timely for me. I'm coming to the end (I hope) of a period of mania. This has involved impulse spending, lots on Temu or Ali-express, and some of the items are either duplicates or totally useless. Such as hooks for hanging on a specific type of radiator, which we simply don't have!"

When you have the urge for luxury
"Vintage Louis Vuitton bag and purse"

When Temu is the devil
"I buy random things of Temu …… only £40 - £50 a time but that is most weeks"