App changelog for 10th May 2024

App changelog for 10th May 2024

This week it's been all about improvements to Spin & Save, and reminding you to Spin & Save. Don't forget to Spin & Save!


We started sending notifications to remind you stay on top of your Swiping a couple of weeks ago. Annoyingly these would still come through even if you'd already done them for the day. This is now fixed. No more being told to do something you already did!

New this week are reminders to do your daily Spin & Save. We'll remind you if you've not done it yet at 9pm.

There's also another issue I've experienced where I forget to mark the amount as saved, somewhere in-between Spinning in the Rule app, transferring money to a savings pot in the Monzo app, and losing an hour of my life to YouTube Shorts. Attention deficit really coming in to play here.

So now if you Spin but forget to save, we'll ping you a reminder notification shortly afterwards to remind you to come back and "Mark as saved".

New spinner

This is the the savings challenge Spin animation. It just kind of flickers through the numbers before landing on a random amount.

The old spinner

I wanted to make this animation more physical, like a real object with real moving parts that spin in a believable way. I want it to feel nice to spin and be satisfying to watch it land on an amount.

After more hours that I care to admit of playing with CSS 3D transforms, javascript animation libraries, eventually settling on implementing it with requestAnimationFrame, taking a crash course on Bézier curves, and trying to time the haptics on mobile juuust right; this is the finished result:

The new spinnier spinner

I'm rather pleased with it 😁

Next week

We're deep in design mode on a new feature so next week might be a bit slower on small updates and fixes as we focus on that.