App changelog for 3rd May 2024

App changelog for 3rd May 2024

We decided to start a challenge in May to save £1,000 collectively in the community. We're off to a great start and it's really exciting seeing everyone encouraging each other to save towards a common goal!

New features

Goal tracker

Shows how many people have joined, how much has been saved collectively, and encourages you to share the challenge so we have a higher chance of hitting this (ambitious) goal.


We wanted to add an element of competition so we built a leaderboard. Because the amount saved is small, but random, we hope everyone who wants to can compete.

It'll take a lot of dedication to come back every day, and then a bit of luck to claim the top spots.

I also had fun adding a little shimmer animation:

Oooh, shiny

Bug fixes

  • The confetti animation will now only play once 🎉 when you catch up on swiping all your transactions, instead of any time you loaded 🎉 that 🎉 screen 🎉.
  • The element to set up daily reminders no longer flashes up briefly even after you've subscribed.

Internal tooling

Feature flags

We can now deploy features to production but keep them turned off until they're ready for primetime. I wanted this so I wouldn't have to stay up late to launch the new Savings Challenge screen manually at midnight on May 1st.

It's also useful for more robust testing, and in the future we're thinking about letting users opt-in to beta test new features.

WhatsApp Check-in generator

We've neglected the WhatsApp Check-ins for the last month. This was a feature we used to explore how we can best help people get insights into their finances. We used what we learned from that to build the Insights tab in the app.

This week we had a lot of new users joining for the May Savings Challenge, presenting us with an influx of new people requesting insights via WhatsApp. I've spent a bit of time building an internal tool to help generate those so we should be able to get through a lot more starting next week!

Next week:

We've got some ideas for changes to the leaderboard to make it more inclusive based on feedback.